See more, focus better, and react faster

Drivesharp Screenshot: Useful Field of ViewWith all the variables on the road—other vehicles, pedestrians, street signs, construction, wet weather—even the best drivers are at risk of a car crash.

What matters most when an unexpected danger comes your way? Noticing it early and reacting to it instantly.

That’s why Posit Science built Drivesharp—an online brain training program that is clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster, and cut crash risk by up to 50%.

Drivesharp Screenshot: Multiple Object TrackingDrivesharp is available at a discount to most AAA club members, and is offered free as part of certain insurance policies.

With Drivesharp, every driver can lower their crash risk—at any age.

How to Access Drivesharp

Drivesharp is available for $49 to most AAA club members age 55+, and is offered free to certain people insured with USAA or AAA. Choose from the options below to see if you qualify.

  • Is your auto insurance with USAA and you are 55+? Learn more >>
  • Is your auto insurance with AAA/Auto Club Exchange, you live in southern California, and you are 65+? Learn more >>
  • Is your auto insurance with AAA/Commerce, you live in Rhode Island, and you are 50+? Learn more >>
  • Is your auto insurance with AAA, you live in Arizona, and you’re 65+? Learn more >>
  • Are you an AAA auto club member, but not insured with AAA? Learn more >>